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Brent C. Peterson


Forensic Psychotherapist


Done right or not at all!

Assessment & Counseling of Williamsburg was founded in 2009. Since its inception, the organization has worked extensively with our community partners throughout the Greater Williamsburg area and beyond. These include five school districts, eight court jurisdictions, Multiple Departments of Social Services (DSS), and families from Chesapeake to Roanoke.

Brent C. Peterson Ph.D



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What Do You Do In Psychotherapy

Wake up every morning and try to improve the quality of other people’s lives.


Questions we are
frequently asked

Here are the answers to questions that we are frequently asked by our clients.

Modern research has shown that psychotherapy works by actually changing the neurochemical activity in the brain. Thus, altering our thinking patterns through psychotherapy has much to do with our happiness and emotional stability.

We are credentialed with Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Optima, United Healthcare: Behavioral Health, and Aetna.

Yes, Intake appointments are $165 and follow-up appointments are $140. Forensic evaluations are priced at the time of service.

Psychotherapy is intended for individuals who find that their mental health is disrupting their ability to carry out their daily activities. This can include impacts on self, work, family, and social interactions.

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